Honey For Healing: Customer Success Story

Honey For Healing: Customer Success Story

Thank you!  I want you to know just how grateful I am after the wound on my arm is healing so rapidly I feel quite overwhelmed!

I’m retired and well into my senior years, and normally alert and happy!
The background to the wound incudes having Polymyalgia Rheumatica, which causes extreme pain and inflammation throughout the body. The main medication is a steroid, Prednisolone. It has a few nasty side effects including, thinning skin causing bursting blood vessels. I found myself having torn skin flaps whenever I bumped my arms or legs during every day events.

On this latest occasion, I used a dressing to protect the latest wound however, the plaster surrounding the dressing stuck to the area where the blood vessels were raised. You can guess where I’m going from here! Suffice to say, when I attempted  to remove the dressing/plaster it was stuck fast on the area. The skin came off with the removal of the dressing/plaster, (extremely painful!).

A call to my son who is a licensed apiarist in the East Kimberley for advice turned out to be the absolute game changer! He sought advice I believe, regarding your product, Honey for Life Super (Jarrah TA)50, which has the strong anti bacterial activity which has proven to be nothing short of a miracle!

I sincerely hope you are ok with me including the photos from yesterday and today just 18 hours apart!

Now pain free! I am more than happy for you to use the photos and any part of my information if you choose.

I cannot thank you enough and also a very big thank you to your amazing bees!.

Kindest regards
Susan von Leonhardi

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