Looking for more information about wholesale and export of our honey products to your country?

Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you have for wholesale?

Super Jarrah TA50+ honey
Jarrah TA35+ honey
Murchison River MGO300+ honey
Murchison River MGO100+ Honey
Marri TA50+ honey
Marri TA35+ honey
Karri TA+ honey
Karri TA20+ honey
Wandoo TA20+ honey
Leatherwood honey
Pattersons Curse honey
Tagasaste honey
Wildflower honey
Jarrah bee pollen
Marri bee pollen

Plus organically certified version of most of the above products.

How much honey can I purchase?

Bulk sales are by the IBC (or pallecon) load which nominally weigh 1.4 tonnes each.

We generally need 3 months notice for new orders above 20 tonnes + depending on the complexity of your order.

Can we supply activity rating analysis reports for our different honey products?

Yes we get the majority of our honey tested by the NATA registered Chem Centre of Western Australia, Intertek and Analytica Labratories. We can supply you with a copy of this report with your order (if requested).

How do you export your products?

We can export in individual glass or plastic PET jars packaged in cartons or in bulk IBC (pallecon) format.

Do you export to my country?

We currently export to the following countries:

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

We have distribution centers for retail sized orders located in the following countries:

United States
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates

If your country doesn’t appear on the list above, please contact us at hello@honeyforlife.com.au and we'll sort out how we can export to you.

Do I need to organise my own documentation?

We can organise all export documentation from Fremantle, Western Australia to your country. You will need to organise and help with the clearance of your order through your countries customs in your country.

How much pollen can I purchase?

We can sell up to 500 kg in one purchase.

Can you supply health reports and various declarations?

Yes some governments need various declarations from the sender as well as health reports that assure the products. We can provide these declarations and reports with any international export order.