Get our delicious, raw Western Australian honey delivered directly to you, at great value wholesale prices. Want to know whether Honey For Life’s wholesale honey is available for export to your country?   

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  • Our Wholesale Honey Products Available

    We have a wide range of our honey products available for purchase wholesale.

    Choose from Honey for Life & Private Label honey in 260g, 375g, 500g, and 1kg sizes.

    Honey varieties include:  

    • Super Jarrah TA50+ honey 
    • Jarrah TA35+ honey 
    • Murchison River MGO300+ honey 
    • Murchison River MGO100+ Honey 
    • Marri TA50+ honey 
    • Marri TA35+ honey 
    • Wildflower honey 

    Looking for wholesale beeswax? We offer that too. 

    For more information about our wholesale honey products and prices, contact James Clough on 0415 480 054 or email us at  

  • Bulk Honey For Sale 

    You can also buy our honey in bulk. Bulk sales are by the IBC (or pallecon) load which nominally weigh 1.4 tonnes each. 

    However, please note we generally need 3 months’ notice for new orders above 20 tonnes and depending on the complexity of your order. 

  • How We Export Our Bulk & Wholesale Honey Products

    We can export in individual glass or plastic PET jars packaged in cartons or in bulk IBC (pallecon) format.

  • Countries We Export Our Honey To 

    At Honey For Life, we are committed to delivering our premium Western Australian honey wholesale around the globe.  

    We work closely with customs and quarantine departments to meet import requirements and facilitate a smooth journey for our honey from our hives to your doorstep.  

    We have embraced the transition to a digital electronic certification exchange (eCert) system for exports to Great Britain and the European Union. This advancement towards a paperless certification streamlines our exports process significantly.  

    Please see the below list of countries we currently export to: 

    • China 
    • Germany 
    • Italy 
    • Japan 
    • Saudi Arabia 
    • Singapore 
    • United Arab Emirates 
    • United Kingdom 
    • United States 

    We have distribution centres for retail sized orders located in the following countries: 

    • Australia 
    • Germany 
    • United Arab Emirates 
    • United Kingdom 
    • United States 

    Please contact us at for more information. 

  • Honey Wholesale Export Documentation, Health Reports & Declarations 

    We can organise all export documentation from Fremantle, Western Australia to your country. However, you will need to organise and help with the clearance of your order through customs in your country. 

    Some governments need various declarations from the sender as well as health reports that assure the products. We can provide these declarations and reports with any international export order. 

    For customers who want activity rating analysis reports for our honey products, we can supply copies with your order. We get most of our honey tested by the NATA registered ChemCentre of Western Australia, Intertek and Analytica Laboratories

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In its raw form, our honey retains a naturally beneficial composition of enzymes and antioxidants. With some of the highest Total Activity (TA) ratings in the world, Honey For Life's medicinal honeys offer incredible antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits.


We are proudly Australian owned, sourcing all honey and bee products from pristine remote Western Australian forests. Honey For Life follows B-QUAL best practice standards and some of our honey are organically certified.


Western Australia remains free from several significant bee diseases and pests, making ours one of only two healthy bee populations in the world.

Without the pests and diseases that ravage the rest of the world’s bees, our beekeeping operations remain chemical free. Healthy, happy bees make excellent honey!


Our Eucalypt honeys exhibit considerably higher antibacterial activity compared to Manuka honeys, measured by their Total Activity (TA) rating, which gauges the honey's antibacterial strength. In contrast, the MGO (Methylglyoxal) of Manuka honey is responsible for its antibacterial potency.

Although these ratings aren’t numerically comparable, we can draw a clear comparison to understand the relative strength of their antibacterial activities.