Organic Honey for a Healthy Life

Driven by our commitment to making honey that is served in its purest and most natural form, we are proud to produce a range of certified organic honey.  

The Organic Food Chain, an approved organic certifying body in Australia, audit our processes and sites annually to maintain our organic certification.  

Harvesting honey in the most organic and sustainable way possible means we can continue providing you with delicious honey that retains its natural goodness.  


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Raw, Organic Honey is Made by Healthy Bees

WA is home to one of only two disease-free bee populations in the world, meaning that we can produce raw, cold processed and chemical free organic honey. 

This contributes to our Organic Honeys being the strongest on the shelf, packed with natural health benefits. 

Organic Honey, Sourced from Remote WA Forests

WA's Eucalypt Jarrah forests are unique, producing mono-floral honeys that are more powerful than shrub and blossom honeys. 

We produce some of the strongest medicinal organic honey in the world, with incredible antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Our Organic Super Jarrah Honey TA50+ features a remarkably high Total Activity rating, providing antimicrobial qualities in every delicious spoonful. 

More Info About Our Organic Honey

What’s a TA Rating, and why is Organic Honey good for me?

Total Activity (TA) indicates the antimicrobial property of the honey – the higher the TA, the better. Any honey with a TA Rating above 10 is considered medicinal honey. 

Our Organic Honeys have some of the highest TA Ratings in the world, which is what gives them their powerful health benefits

What’s different about your Organic Honey?

Our Organic Honeys are poured in the jar raw and cold-pressed to keep all of nature's goodness in. They also have very high TA Ratings, thanks to the natural enzymes produced by the bees.

This makes them rich in taste, as well as antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.

What's the Ideal Way to Savour Organic Honey?

To fully enjoy the natural benefits of organic honey, it's best consumed in its raw state. High temperatures from baking or boiling water can diminish the active enzymes present in our raw organic honey. For a delightful addition to your tea, stir our organic honey into lukewarm water to preserve its active qualities. If you're incorporating organic honey into your recipes, consider drizzling it over your dish once it's cooked and off the heat. For exquisite flavour combinations, refer to the tasting notes provided with each of our honey varieties.    

For more ways to enjoy our West Australian organic honey without compromising the raw honey’s active properties, consider these suggestions: 

  • Mix into cold beverages like iced tea, smoothies, or lemonade.
  • Use our organic honey as a natural sweetener in salad dressings or marinades.
  • Drizzle over yogurt, oatmeal, or fruit bowls.
  • Spread our honey on toast or pancakes at room temperature.
  • Enhance the taste of nut butter by stirring in some honey.
  • Create an organic honey-infused glaze for roasted nuts or desserts. 

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