Immerse yourself in the unique flavours and therapeutic benefits of Jarrah honey, meticulously collected by our healthy Western Australian bee's from the pristine forests of the Western Australian South West. Our range includes Jarrah honey with a Total Activity (TA) rating ranging between TA35 to TA50+, ensuring a spectrum of potency to suit every preference. Delight in the unique aroma, rich caramel texture, and unparalleled purity of Raw Jarrah honey from Honey For Life. Buy Jarrah Honey online today!


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Excellent Jarrah Honey is Made By Healthy Bees

WA is home to one of only two disease-free bee populations in the world, meaning that we can produce raw, cold-processed and chemical-free Jarrah honey.

This contributes to our medicinal honey being the strongest on the shelf, packed with health benefits, and ultimately delicious.

Jarrah Honey, Sourced from Remote WA Forests

WA's Eucalypt Jarrah forests are unique, producing a rare mono-floral honey that is arguably more powerful than shrub, blossom and Manuka honeys.

We produce some of the strongest medicinal Jarrah honey in the world, with incredible antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Antimicrobial Qualities in Every Spoonful of Active Jarrah Honey

All our honey goes through independent testing to determine its ‘Total Activity’ rating. Total Activity (TA) refers to the honey’s antimicrobial quality, meaning its ability to fight against bacteria.

The higher the Total Activity rating, the better! Our range of raw and organic Jarrah honey features a very high Total Activity rating, providing antimicrobial qualities in every spoonful.

Our Jarrah Honey Exceeds Manuka Strength

Our Eucalypt honeys exhibit considerably higher antibacterial activity compared to Manuka honeys. In particular, our Super Jarrah Honey TA50+ (TA50+ = MGO2250+) is proudly Australia's strongest antimicrobial-rated honey available, and as it’s full of flavour, it’s easy to see why it’s our most-loved product!

Experience the Therapeutic Benefits
of Honey for Yourself

Nature's liquid gold has been a time-tested remedy for ailments ranging from hiccups and wounds to burns and throat infections. While the reports from our satisfied customers speak volumes, the scientific community also stands behind the therapeutic potential of honey.

Research indicates there are many health benefits from consumption of Australian honey products. Preliminary studies show Australian Eucalypt honey is a potent prebiotic, aiding in the prevention of gut-related diseases as well as promoting overall human health and well-being.

According to the 2010 RIRDC (now AgriFutures Australia) report An Investigation into the Therapeutic Properties of Honey, it confirms that “Australian honeys possess significant antibacterial properties, and that honey is effective against a wide range of problematic pathogens…”.

Try our active Jarrah honey and see the natural health benefits for yourself.

More Info About Our Jarrah Honey

What is Jarrah honey?

Jarrah honey is a unique variety of honey that is produced in Western Australia. It is derived from the nectar of the Jarrah tree (Eucalyptus marginata), a native tree species found only in the southwest region of Western Australia. Jarrah honey has a distinctive dark amber colour and a rich, full-bodied flavour.

What are the health benefits of Jarrah honey?

Jarrah honey is known for its high levels of antimicrobial activity and natural antioxidants. Jarrah honey is often used to: 

  • Support immune health. 
  • Soothe sore throats. 
  • Alleviate symptoms of coughs and colds. 
  • Provide anti-inflammatory effects. 
  • Promote wound healing and overall well-being. 

How is Jarrah honey different from other types of honey?

Jarrah honey is unique due to its specific floral source, the Jarrah tree. The Jarrah tree produces nectar with unique properties due to the nutrient rich Western Australian soils, resulting in a honey that is distinct in taste, colour, aroma and very high bio-activity.

Jarrah honey is known for its dark colour, thick texture, and robust flavour profile, which sets it apart from other honey varieties.

What’s different about your Jarrah honey?

Our Active & Organic Jarrah Honey is lower in glucose than many other brands, yet boasts a deep, deliciously complex flavour.

What’s a TA Rating, and why is Jarrah honey good for me?

Total Activity (TA) indicates the antimicrobial property of the honey - The higher, the higher the TA rating, the better. Any honey with a TA Rating higher than 10 is considered medicinal, and our Jarrah Honey starts at TA35+. 


See this image below of a typical radial diffusion assay during scientific testing, showing how this honey achieves a TA35+ rating. A small drop of honey is placed in a dish of bacteria and the radius distance the honey creates shows its antimicrobial strength. 


How can I best enjoy my Jarrah honey?

To take advantage of the high bio-activity and health benefits of Jarrah honey it is best that you consume the honey in its raw form.

Add Jarrah honey to your cereal, fruit bowls, smoothies, drizzled over ice cream or yoghurt, toast crumpets and more, giving your food an added rich taste and sweetness.

For a daily dose of medicinal Jarrah honey why not try it by the teaspoon.

[Speaker 1 – Samantha, Brand Ambassador – 0:01] One of the most popular flavours at Honey For Life is our Jarrah honey, sourced from these lush Jarrah Forests in Australia’s south west. Jarrah honey is made from an entirely unique variety, as the trees are only found in a small area of Western Australia. Due to the smaller area in which they’re located, Jarrah trees are highly sought after. We truly consider the honey we get from their flowers a treasure to be savoured. These amazing trees can grow to be over 40 metres high, flowering just every 2 years, and can even live to be over 400 years old.

[Speaker 1 – 0:39] Our Jarrah honey is a rich medium to dark amber colour. It has a full, intense and complex flavour that is more savory than sweet, as Jarrah honey is lower in glucose than other honey varieties.

[Speaker 1 tasting Jarrah honey – 0:52] I’d say it’s quite peppery.

[Speaker 2 – Shane, Honey For Life CEO – 0:54] The collection of Jarrah is a bit of a mystical art, because Mother Nature doesn’t always behave as she’s meant to and some years when Jarrah is meant to flower it doesn’t, and vice versa. So, in 2019 we were very pleased that we had a bumper crop of Jarrah which we are now storing in our premises, so that we can let it out over the next couple of years.

[Speaker 1 – 1:19] All of the honey we produce goes through testing to determine its Total Activity rating. Total Activity is the honey’s antimicrobial quality, meaning its ability to fight against bacteria. So, the higher the Total Activity rating, the stronger the antibacterial qualities. All of our honeys have an extremely high Activity rating. So not only are they delicious, but good for you as well!

[Speaker 1 – 1:44] One of our most unique products is our Super Jarrah honey, sourced from an exclusive Jarrah Forest just outside Karragullen with our highest Total Activity rating.

[Speaker 1 tasting Super Jarrah honey – 1:55] It’s a lot thicker… but it’s yummy. It almost tastes citrusy.

[Speaker 2 – 2:02] Historically, Jarrah Total Activity ratings are probably in the 30s. In 2019, Mother Nature gave us super strong Jarrah. We had it tested, and we got a lot of readings greater than 50, and that’s our product Super Jarrah.

[Speaker 1 – 2:19] If there was one Honey For Life product you have to try, it’s got to be this one. Pure, organic and delicious. Just the way nature intended.


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