At Honey For Life, our passion is to produce organic, raw honey products served in their purest form. After all, when it comes to Australian honey, we believe the less human interaction, the better. Because that’s the way nature intended it to be, and we’d like to keep it that way.  

Add some wholesome, 100% Western Australian raw honey to your life today. 


From our premium range of Jarrah, Marri, Karri, or our popular Super Jarrah, to our certified organic range, or our decadent beeswax; every product we produce right here in Western Australia is made to be as natural as possible.

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In its raw form, our honey retains a naturally beneficial composition of enzymes and antioxidants. With some of the highest Total Activity (TA) ratings in the world, Honey For Life's medicinal honeys offer incredible antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits. Just ask our loyal customers...



We are proudly Australian owned, sourcing all products from remote Western Australian forests. Honey For Life follows B-QUAL best practice standards and some of our honey are organically certified by the Organic Food Chain company. Find out more about Honey For Life...



Wondering where to buy raw honey that also tastes amazing? Well, look no further, because you’ve struck gold – liquid gold that is. Rich in taste, with an incredible fragrance and a smooth consistency, Honey For Life is renowned for producing some of the best tasting active honey in Australia and the world. In 2022, our Organic Jarrah Honey and Organic Karri Honey were awarded Gold at the International Organic Food Awards.

So, what exactly makes our honey taste so good?

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1. From the remote and biodiverse forests of Western Australia...

Within the biodiverse Western Australian Eucalypt forests, nature crafts its own pharmacy, yielding nutrient-rich and highly potent medicinal honeys. These forests, unique to regions like Western Australia, nurture a diverse array of flora, creating an ecosystem teeming with life-sustaining nutrients. As bees collect nectar from these rare blooms, they create honeys infused with a myriad of healing properties. From antioxidant-rich Jarrah and Marri varieties to the potent antibacterial activity measured by Total Activity (TA) rating, the medicinal potential of Western Australian Eucalypt honey knows no bounds.

2. Made by happy and healthy Western Australian bees...

Western Australia remains free from several significant bee diseases and pests, making ours one of only two healthy bee populations in the world. Without the pests and diseases that ravage the rest of the world’s bees, our beekeeping operations remain chemical free. Healthy, happy bees make excellent honey!

3. Raw and cold processed in its purest form...

Our entire range of honey is raw and cold processed through a 100-micron filter. As WA’s bee population is disease-free, we do not need to heat treat or pasteurise our honey. This means that the active ingredients maintain optimal effectiveness, contributing to our honeys being the strongest medicinal honeys on shelf.

4. The highest TA ratings for health benefits...

Our Potent Eucalypt WA honey, boasts an exceptional Total Activity (TA) rating which is a testament to nutrient rich biodiverse forests, healthy bees, and the highest purity.

What is a TA rating?
The Total Activity (TA) rating of honey measures its antimicrobial strength, specifically its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and pathogens. This rating takes into account the combined effects of various antibacterial compounds present in honey, such as hydrogen peroxide, phytochemicals, and other factors.

To determine the TA rating, honey is tested against certain bacterial strains in a laboratory setting. The level of bacterial growth inhibition is then measured and compared to a standard solution of phenol, a chemical compound used as a reference for comparison.

The TA rating is expressed as a numerical value, typically ranging from 5+ to 35+. A higher TA rating indicates greater antibacterial activity and thus, potentially greater health benefits. Honey with a higher TA rating is considered to have stronger antimicrobial properties and may be more effective in supporting various health conditions, including wound healing, sore throat relief, and overall immune support.

5. Commitment to premium honey & bee products...

At Honey for Life, we take pride in ensuring that our honey not only embodies the pure essence of nature but also delivers exceptional health benefits.

With a higher TA ratings, our honey showcases superior antibacterial activity, offering you peace of mind knowing that you're indulging in a product that's not only delicious but also potentially beneficial for your health. Whether you're using our honey for wound healing, sore throat relief, or overall immune support, you can trust in the power of Honey for Life to deliver premium-quality honey with exceptional antimicrobial properties. Experience the difference with our honey and embark on a journey to enhanced wellness, naturally.


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