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Healthy Bees Make Excellent Honey

WA is home to one of only two disease-free bee populations in the world, meaning that we can produce raw, cold processed and chemical free honey.

This contributes to our medicinal honey being the strongest on the shelf and packed with health benefits.

Sourced from Remote WA Forests

WA's Eucalypt forests are unique, producing mono-floral honeys that are more powerful than shrub and blossom honeys.

We produce some of the strongest medicinal honey in the world, with incredible antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

More Info About Our Premium Honey

What’s a TA Rating and why is it important?

Total Activity (TA) indicates the antimicrobial property of the honey – the higher, the better. Any honey with a TA Rating above 10 is considered medicinal.

Our Premium Honeys have some of the highest TA Ratings in the world, which is what gives them their powerful health benefits.

What’s different about your Premium Honey?

Not only rich in taste, our Premium Honeys also have powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.

All of our Premium Honeys are poured in the jar raw and cold-pressed to keep all of nature's goodness in. They also have very high TA Ratings, thanks to the natural enzymes produced by the bees.

How can I best enjoy my Premium Honey

Check the tasting notes underneath each honey to find the perfect flavour pairing.


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